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Hard Week
I am a dying animal watching it's lifeblood seep out of the wound, screaming when the lion comes for my throat even though I know I will die even if the lion's lips don't caress my neck.
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Always Be My Friend
Flowers, like love, will always wilt in the rain.
And I, like you, have already felt the pain.
So I ask you now for kindness,
Because my task right now is full of hardship.
But what I really want from you,
Is for you to always be my friend.
Is for you to always be my friend.
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A Note To the Ones Left Behind
I understand you.
I understand that your friend left you,
For somewhere else.
And now you're here with her,
And she is different,
Very different.
She is talking about things you don't understand.
She hangs out with these weird people
That have died hair.
She has a boyfriend now,
Someone you've only met twice.
She probably talks about him to you a lot.
That is, if she talks that much to you at all anymore.
She probably doesn't call you as much as she used to.
When she first moved away she probably called once every week.
But now,
She might call once a month,
If she remembers to call even that much.
Whenever you see her she seems distant.
She is so much different.
You're taller too.
She never grew that much more.
Whenever you see her you see her hair,
Which is a dark maroonish this year.
It's really hard to adjust to.
I get that, so much.
The same thing has happened to me.
My friend left and has changed unbelievably.
So I understand.
I know I'm partially the catalyst to Alix's change,
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I wish I could remember your face,
And your face and your face and your face.
I wish I could remember your little nuances,
Your plump cheeks and your sharp eyebrows.
I wish to remember how your face lights up when you smile.
I wish to remember the color of all of my friends eyes.
I wish I could remember your faces.
I wish I could remember that,
Instead of just your hair.
Your face is more important than the exact way your hair falls.
But for some stupid reason,
All I get,
Is your hair.
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Did You Know?
Did you know:
Every night,
Right before I go to sleep,
I give myself a good cussing out for that days failures.
Did you know:
I don't remember anything good.
I remember everything I've messed up on.
I remember every stupid and painful thing I've done.
Did you know:
I've never had a best friend.
All the friends I've had have eventually left me,
And while they left they hurt me.
Did you know:
I always feel like I look stupid.
I feel like no matter what I wear it looks bad.
I feel like everything looks bad on me.
Did you know:
Whenever I wear something different or new,
I get a negative comment from someone at least once that day.
Especially from the girl that sits behind me in Algebra 2.
Did you know:
I never express my emotions at school,
Because I've learned that expressing my emotions means bullying.
I've learned that crying and showing anger is a bad thing and just leads to more pain.
Did you know:
Sometimes I make big fusses so that way I will feel like people care about me.
I make
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Forever Alone
I can imagine him walking home one day with my tuba in one hand, my trombone the other, and hearing a sudden revving behind him.
I can imagine him turning and seeing a red truck coming at me.
I can imagine him seeing the trucks wheels jumping up the curb and raising his hand in reaction.
I can imagine those lights racing towards him.
The impact instantly shatters his ribcage, and my trombone is crushed along with his ribs.
The truck continues to push the remnants of my trombone, my tuba and him into a dirt mound on the side of the road.
My tuba hits the ground first and not long after, he follows its journey.
The side of his neck hits the bell of my tuba.
His neck is broken.
His body is splattered into the ground as the red truck, out of spite, continues to push.
My mash of metal and him in between is solidly implanted into the dirt with blood glistening everywhere.
His last memories from that are the red truck pulling away.
Seconds later I awake in the hospital.
Everything hurt
:iconsargeja:sargeja 2 9
So The World Leaves Me Behind
I wish I could write a love song.
A happy song.
A meaningless song,
That is a bunch of nothing put together.
A song that shows how much
I love the people in my life.
How much I love life.
I wish I could be with you now.
I wish I could hug you,
And hold you tight.
Find pleasure in you warmth.
Rest my head on yours.
Smell your hair.
Smudge your glasses.
I wish I could be with you now.
Talking with you.
Talking about everything and nothing.
Laughing at stories your mom tells.
Meaningless banter.
I miss those times,
I miss those more than anything.
I wish I could be with you now.
Just playing HALO.
Nothing else but games.
Having my mom get mad at me afterwards.
Just the two of us,
And your brother.
Playing games.
I wish I could be with you now.
Wrestling like good ol' times.
Protecting each other from the bullies.
Laughing at the girls.
Chasing them around,
Because they don't like to be chased.
I wish I could be with you now.
Laughing, crying, predicting.
Being amazed at what you
:iconsargeja:sargeja 1 2
What Am I Missing?
I have it all,
And I have nothing.
I have friends,
A clique to be in.
I have a family,
They love me dearly.
I have a girlfriend,
Who is the cutest in the world.
I have clothes,
I have games,
I have a house,
I have interests,
I have money,
I have life,
But I have nothing,
And I don't know why.
I simply am lacking,
Is it me I wonder.
Is it me that is no enough?
Do I just not care about life?
And so the sadness creeps,
The darkness in my mind,
It takes over,
Bit by measly bit,
I can almost feel it now,
Slithering over my brain,
I cannot think straight,
Through all this fuzz.
And I lose my mind,
To the void of the undefined nothing.
:iconsargeja:sargeja 1 2


Winter Hands
The trees stand over me as I walk
the one-way steet to class,
maple leaf hands
waving as I stride by,
patting me on the head,
making gestures
of supplication at my feet
as they
to the ground.
They chase girls down the street,
hitching rides on backpacks and shoes,
holding onto knees like small children,
scared of the weather
tearing petals off flowers,
sprinkling grass and sand
into everyone's hair.
The rain starts, making               kites              mucky
:iconpyriteknots:PyriteKnots 2 8
If you have a heart, Read this
So none of you know me, the only back story you have on me is what I give in my poetry or the little I share in my journals. My life is very sad, one that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemies.. but this entry is not about me. This entry is about my friend Matt who cries himself to sleep at night because he doesn't know why he is gay, or how to change it. This is for my sister who is twelve and has to be promiscuous, because the girls at school make her feel insecure and she doesn't know who she is. This is for my mom who drowns herself in drugs because she can't deal with the reality she has made for herself. This is for my best friend who doesn't eat because she doesn't feel as beautiful as she really is.  This is for the kid who killed himself and the first time someone recognized his name he was on the news. This is for you.. whoever you are and whatever your looking for. People hate me, I don't know why and I never will but it's true. I know though that there are a milli
:iconanalog-digital:Analog-Digital 3 3
Leo by manga-newbie13 Leo :iconmanga-newbie13:manga-newbie13 6 9 Aquarius by manga-newbie13 Aquarius :iconmanga-newbie13:manga-newbie13 5 4 Scorpio by manga-newbie13 Scorpio :iconmanga-newbie13:manga-newbie13 3 4 Aries by manga-newbie13 Aries :iconmanga-newbie13:manga-newbie13 4 3 Aries II by manga-newbie13 Aries II :iconmanga-newbie13:manga-newbie13 6 0
The paper and the clutter and the words that are written,
all drain from the page into spaces not so hidden,
in layered sheets, on the walls, round the rooftops at night,
where the lights glow dim and the spray cans bite.
They run down the pavement, their steps can be heard
where small groups of pigeons in the way get disturbed.
They flow down the drains, heard in the underground pipes,
Used to be up near the sky where they first saw the sights
before splashing and growing along crumbling walls,
where weekday briefcases rush by, at the weekends have stalls
selling books and fresh fruit, all sold in paper bags,
not like the commercial chains that need plastic and tape tags.
"I need this, I need that, and I saw it on sale
at the chain store on the corner of Oxford and Yale!"
We chew, suck, and accumulate all that we can borrow
for the now, without a thought for any future tomorrow's,
just the lights and the colours and sounds products make,
for the children who are full, but hey, "Let th
:iconpyriteknots:PyriteKnots 8 2
Someone Told Me You Were Lonely
Someone told me you were lonely,
sitting all by yourself,
waiting for someone to call by your house,
hoping one day they'll notice, one day they'll help.
Someone said you were counting the seconds,
staring out the windowpane,
knowing time was running away from you,
but nothing seemed to change.
Someone told me you were frightened,
hiding in the dark all by yourself.
You wanted someone to hold your hand
but all you had were soft toys, and pictures on a shelf.
When you sit on your bed and your heart is aching,
and you sit stock still, but the world keeps shaking,
it makes you feel alive and scared all at the same time.
And the people you know walk past in your dreams,
leaving you to sew up the tattered seams
of the life you had and the memories…
The memories of being fine…
Someone told me you weren't coping,
trying to differentiate the end from the start,
all the stuff from the last break up you had
to the cover for your Mario Kart.
You asked what time was trying to tell you,
:iconpyriteknots:PyriteKnots 5 7
Waiting For You
Someone used to wait for me
At the gate to take me home.
Now I walk along the side streets,
Where the weeds have grown, alone.
Sometimes I wait by the window
Hoping you will call my name...
But I could be waiting forever;
I know you're not coming home again.
Someone used to wait for me,
At the park of our childhood.
We would get lost in the grass, breathing shallow and fast,
Trying to catch ladybirds.
Such innocent times are only seen
Now in the dappled light of memory.
The park bench, weighed down with sadness,
Knows that you have gone from me.
One day I'll see your face again
And find you in a sphere of gentle peace.
We can sit holding hands and listen
In fields, to the music of trees.
Now that I look back I know
That what I said was true,
For in my heart, forever and always,
I will love you.
:iconpyriteknots:PyriteKnots 7 6
The Dial Up Poem
Dear Mum and Dad,
Dial up drives me crazy,
Over the hill and around the bend,
It travels at a slower pace
Than my Grandmother's best friend.
I can't use Youtube or download any
Music from the 'net,
The god damn line just moves too slow
…then it disconnects!
I've tried to tell you, for the umpteenth time
We should really get broadband,
"But this one works alright, doesn't it?"
You just don't understand,
That waiting for the dial tone
Can be likened to taking a pee,
It's the difference between a flush toilet,
And a quick one behind a tree.
Dial up just isn't cool anymore
It's like the Telecom no one has,
The only thing it's actually helpful for
Is friends giving me a good raz.
So please, Mum, Dad, get us broadband,
Save my sanity from internet slaughter
Before I go nuts, love always
Your dial-up-hating Daughter.
:iconpyriteknots:PyriteKnots 2 4
A Captive of History
History is a memory,
a long and cruel string
of visions that should not be seen,
tainting beauties that can never be cleaned,
stretching away high and low,
to horrors people should not know,
a child drenched in their mother's blood,
a man floating face down after a flood,
guns and bombs fighting for crosses,
and crescents, and stars, and bosses,
prisons, and murders, and rapes are rife,
it is hard to see the good in this life
of past pursuits, the tear-soaked letters,
clocks that stopped, waiting for better
things to come; of teas going cold
waiting for owners that never came home.
You read the books and shuffle the papers,
write the report, go out for drinks later,
debate something out, find a causer, assign some blame,
but do we actually get it? At the end, do we forget the pain
of the people that saw and heard,
spoke and stirred,
acted and incurred
what we call history?
From this day forward,
do not give me death and wars,
what's done is done; I do not wish to participate anymore.
:iconpyriteknots:PyriteKnots 2 3
For Justin
I guess you could say we're the weird kids.
But I'm okay with that.
I know people look at us strange, complain...
You know they only do that because they're secretly jealous.
It's kind of a cliche, but I know what's going on.
They see us being ourselves, totally and completely, and they wish they could do that.
The popular kids hide the weirdo inside them, and instead, act normal and blend in with the crowd.
We, however, have it all figured out.
We already know how to be... us.
We're the band kids, the choir kids, the kids who hang out in the math hall, the kids who reference video games, Star Wars, and Harry Potter 24/7.
We're the cool kids.
We're the people who will go on to be great musicians, artists, teachers, writers, amazing people.
I know high school isn't the most awesome thing that will happen to our group.
But you know we'll be okay, because (another cliche) we have each other.
We get to laugh together without worrying about being normal.
Normal is boring anyway.
:iconweasleygirl27:weasleygirl27 3 2
Maddie wears a tutu by misunderstood-gwen Maddie wears a tutu :iconmisunderstood-gwen:misunderstood-gwen 2 8 Too Many Stupeed Questions by TimeLordEnglish Too Many Stupeed Questions :icontimelordenglish:TimeLordEnglish 964 104


A = French kisser
B = Good kisser
C = Will kick your a$$
D = Very very easy for people to like
E = Crazy as heck
F = Loves it hard
G = Can kick your a$$
H = Freaking hot
I = Everyone's best friend
J = Hot
K = Crazy
L = Beautiful eyes
M = Very good kisser
N = Cool person
O = Different
P = The best at all sports
Q = An animal lover
R = Beautiful/handsome
S = Crazy as heck
T = Easy to fall in love with
U = Will make you laugh till your sides burst
V = Most amazing kisser EVER!
W = Makes people laugh
X = Never lets people tell them what to do
Y = Can be funny and dumb at the same time
Z = Loved by everyone

J = Hot
U = Will make you laugh till your sides burst
S = Crazy as heck
T = Easy to fall in love with
I = Everyone's best friend
N = Cool person (I like these, they fit pretty well)

A = French kisser (no.....)
M = Very good kisser (wat)
B = Good kisser (Did someone do this on purpose...?)
R = Beautiful/handsome
O = Different ( aren't we all)
N = Cool person
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